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We firmly believe in delivering health to the community by empowering patient with knowledge and skills. Our system of integrative medicine, where East meets West, coupled with food and nutrition therapy, complements each other and pushes the team’s performance beyond that of individual profession which ensures optimised client-centered care.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Kedai Ubat Dong Foong was founded in 1978 with the aim of being a one-stop Traditional Chinese Medicine provider which would help clients achieve optimal health and well-being. We provide a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicines and health products of the highest quality and best value for money.
Founded in 2001, DF Pharmacy is driven to provide customers with the highest level of customer service and care through dispensing of prescriptions, medication review, advice on self-selection medications for minor ailments, smoking cessation counselling and travel medication advice. In addition, DF Pharmacy provides a wide range of over-the-counter products, health supplements and nutritional products, rehabilitation products, medical equipments, personal care and wound care products. Our knowledgeable pharmacy team is dedicated to provide the most up-to-date medical advice while ensuring that customers receive a comfortable and pleasant pharmacy experience.
DF Dietetics Division was established in 2013 to further broaden our founder’s vision to empower the community in managing their health. Through one-to-one consultations, our dietitian provides professional nutrition advice and therapeutic diets to help clients understand the impact of diet on their health and well-being. These dietary advices are practical and individualised based on clients’ body weight and composition, eating and exercise habits, and health conditions. We deliver dietetic services in the areas of adult weight management, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, public health and others.
DF FarmHouse is the latest Corporate Social Responsibility project of DF Group of Companies. It serves as a platform to provide complementary health education and techniques of urban farming to public.
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